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Year 7
Students in Year 7 receive one hour of Computing Science per two-week cycle. Year 7 begin their studies with an e-safety themed project which also develops their key presentation skills. Students have to design and create an automated presentation with narration aimed at a year 6 target audience. During the second term students further their development of digital literacy and numeracy through a spreadsheet project with a hint of magic! In the final term students are introduced to the Computing Science concept of logical thinking. Students develop a logical approach to problem solving and object oriented programs.

Year 8

Students in Year 8 receive two hours of Computing Science per two-week cycle. Year 8 continue the development of digital literacy through a four term project entitled "The Integrating Project - Be your Own Boss". Students study the key computing aspects of Graphic Design, Spreadsheet Modeling, Multimedia Marketing through Video and Podcasting, Website Design and Mobile App creation. In the final two terms students are introduced to the concept of 3D Game Design using the Microsoft Kodu gaming platform which is based upon the XNA Game Development environment for X-Box.

Year 9
Year 9 students continue the programming development from Year 8 by learning a textual programming language in order to solve cryptographical challenges. Students also have the opportunity to investigate computer hardware by building and repairing computer systems in our specialist Computing Laboratory. A visit to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park is run during term 4 to provide further depth and interest to the subject material.

Extra-Curricular Extra curricular work is actively promoted and encouraged. Students are very much in the driving seat and they and their desire to learn design the program of activities. Topics covered over the past few years include:

  • HTML and JavaScript
  • Computer Maintenance and Hardware Installation
  • Cryptography and Code Breaking
  • 3D Game Design
  • Raspberry Pi Programming
  • Mobile App development
  • Computer Electronics and the Virtual Pipe Organ
  • 3D Game Design and the Kodu Kup

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