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Why Study Biology?

Biology involves the study of a wide range of topics ranging from molecular Biology to the study of ecosystems and from microorganisms to mammals. It offers the opportunity to examine the background to areas such as GM foods, conservation of species, cloning, vaccines and ‘factory farming’. The skills acquired in the study of Biology equip students for a variety of careers in the health and clinical professions as well as biologically related higher education courses.


Other students use Biology as a valuable subject to take them on to a wide variety of other further and higher education courses.


Course Details – Exam Board: OCR H

This is a linear two year biology course leading to A-level. The specification is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of biology. Teaching of practical skills is integrated with the theoretical topics and they are assessed through the written papers: there is no separate practical exam. Year 12 starts with foundation topics: cell structure; biological molecules; nucleotides and nucleic acids; enzymes; biological membranes; cell division, cell diversity and cellular organisation. Then the course continues to explore topics about exchange and transport and biodiversity, evolution and disease. In Year 13 you will continue to study two further modules about communications, homeostasis and energy and genetics, evolution and ecosystems. Practical work is integrated into the lessons and is teacher assessed. You will be expected to complete a minimum of 12 practical activities to demonstrate practical competence. Performance is reported separately to the A Level grade.


Entry Requirements

Students are required to achieve at least a Grade B at GCSE level Biology or a BB Grade in GCSE Core and Additional Science.



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