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Why Study Geography?

Geography helps to improve a number of valuable learning and life skills such as ICT, communication, numeracy and literacy skills. It teaches you how to handle and organise data and resources and is therefore seen as a good subject to study by future employers. Geography is a varied subject and can be taken at university either as a BSc or a BA. It is often available as a joint honours degree, combining with subjects such as development, economics, and environmental and sports sciences. It can lead to subject-linked careers such as town planning, surveying, hydrology, meteorology and ordnance survey planning or it can be used as a degree basis for further training in any subject.


Course Details – Exam Board: AQA

The Geography A level course changed as of September 2016 and is a linear course. A balance is maintained between Physical and Human Geography with a greater emphasis on the interaction between these and the environment. Core skills are assessed including Graphical, Cartographic, GIS and the application of knowledge within different contexts. Fieldwork is central to the course with a requirement of 4 days off-site fieldwork. Fieldwork will be assessed through coursework. In Year 12 all students will study Hazards, Water and the Carbon Cycle, Changing Places and Skills. In Year 13 the units are Global Systems and Global Governance, Coasts, Population and the Environment, as well as some additional statistical skills.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to achieve at least a Grade B at GCSE level Geography. Students without a GCSE in Geography should contact the Head of Department directly.



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