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Why Study Modern Languages?

It is now commonplace for proficiency in languages to be sought among employers. More and more professions require you to work in a multilingual environment and there are few companies who do not have customers, if not branches, abroad. Just have a look at some higher education prospectuses and you will see how many of them combine science, ICT, engineering, management and business studies with languages. Consider the advantages you will have if you have the ability to speak another language, coupled with a sound understanding of the politics and culture of the country or countries concerned. Not just travel companies, but also business, finance, technology, media, creative and science-based professions are all increasingly looking for graduates who can offer a range of skills including language proficiency. German is the Smart Choice. Leaving aside the exciting opportunities to live and work in a German-speaking country, the CBI, the UK's premier business lobbying organisation, considers German as one of the most useful foreign language for organisations in the UK. 

Course Details – Eduqas

Component 1:  Speaking (30% of the qualification)

Component 2: Listening, Reading and Translation (50% of the qualification)

Component 3: Critical and analytical response in writing (20% of the qualification)

Topics and themes


-     Social Issues and Trends

-     Families and citizenship

-     Youth trends and personal identity

-     Education and employment opportunities

-     Being a young person in German-speaking society

-     Political, intellectual and artistic culture

-     Understanding the German-speaking world

-     Regional culture and heritage in Germany, German-speaking countries and communities

-     Media, art, film and music in the German-speaking world

Students will also study one film and one book.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to achieve at least a Grade B at GCSE level German.



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