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Over the last few months the Build a Plane project has reached a number of milestones. Firstly the paperwork required for a test permit was completed and submitted on 22 March then began the waiting. Just over one month later on 24 April, our permit to test fly was received at the school and this meant only one thing – we could finally get the plane up in the air!

The plane was moved to Nympsfield (for the last time on the back of a trailer) to Targett Aviation where it had its final pre-flight inspection. Once everything was cleared it became a matter of waiting for the right weather. The clear, calm and warm morning of Tuesday 30 May was perfect and at around 8:30 am our plane finally took to the skies! The flight lasted 15 minutes and was successful. This was followed by an afternoon endurance flight which lasted just over 2 hours, including a detour over both Marling School and Stroud High School. This was the first time many builders were able to see their plane flying and spirits were high as it flew overhead.

Following another series of test flights the plane will be grounded until the full permit is received, after which we will be able to start flying students. This is a very exciting time for the project and we would like to congratulate all the people that have been involved in this project including the students (past and present), adult volunteers, and teachers. Furthermore we would like to thank everybody involved, especially our inspectors at Targett Aviation, including Toby our test pilot.  


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