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We hear you have recently auditioned for the part of ‘Peter’ in the new ‘Peter Pan’ film – what was it like?
There were about 15 of us in Bristol (there were others in London and maybe other places). We firstly did a warm-up together with the casting team, and then we each had a separate meeting with the casting director, reading part of the film script (where Peter is asking the natives of Neverland to join him in battle). It all lasted about 10 minutes.

So how did you get selected for the audition?
The casting directors look on ‘Spotlight’ which is a directory of actors, and choose who they want to see – then they contact the agents who invite us to audition. 

How did you come to have an agent?
Two years ago I was performing in the National Theatre’s tour of An Inspector Calls, at the Cheltenham Playhouse. I enjoyed it so much that I asked my chaperone about doing more and she suggested  contacting  Mark Jermin management.   I went for a workshop with them and they took me on.

When will you hear back from the ‘Peter Pan’ audition?
Well, the thing about auditions is that you only hear back if you are offered the part or go onto the next stage.  Otherwise, you don’t get any contact. As yet I haven’t heard back from this one.

Oh, that must be really frustrating not getting feedback?
Yes it’s quite annoying as you’ve got nothing to help you for the next audition.  But I’m used to it now so whenever I come out of an audition I put it out of my mind and that way I don’t get disappointed.

What other auditions have you been to then?
The first one was for a Sainsbury’s advert, then I had a two for ‘The Escape Artist’ with David Tennant in (I didn’t see him though!), one for Woman in Black, two for a CBBC series and one for a new Christmas film, ‘Get Santa’.

Finally, what  advice would you give to anyone else who might be going for auditions?
Be confident in front of the casting director and try not to get scared. Don’t raise your hopes every time you go for an audition, just go along and enjoy it, but be positive that if you persevere you’ll get something one day.

Seb Newton, 7F


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