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The Comedy of Errors was an almost irresistible choice of play for Key Stage 3, given the presence of two willing pairs of twins to take the central roles. What I could never have predicted was that a third pair of twins would join the school in Year 7 and put themselves up for audition!

Rehearsals began in September for a specially edited version which was made up entirely of the original Shakespearean text. The cast was drawn from Years 7 to 9. For many of them, it will have been the most challenging play they have undertaken. I was impressed by the ability even of some of the youngest cast members when speaking Shakespearean verse. Many of the lines were delivered not just with understanding, but expressively and with conviction. All those who contributed to the production should be praised for their enthusiasm and commitment.

A special mention should also be made of the three Year 9 members of the Downfielders who, at quite short notice, performed the incidental music throughout the performance with a confidence that belied their lack of rehearsal!

Jeff Gillett, Drama Coordinator


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