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The Shakespearian play: Comedy of Errors was a production put upon by Marling School earlier this year. On Thursday 30 and Friday 31 January, this mind boggling confusing play saw the acting talent we have in this school.

To make a production this complex took a lot of rehearsals and incorporated not one, not two but THREE sets of identical twins! This time consuming play may have taken ages to learn but was over in an hour and a quarter.

It was a good production. Once or twice a member of the cast would forget their lines but they were unnoticed in the shear twists and turns of this Shakespearian play. There were some particularly good actors: Fergal and Liam O'Kane who played the two Dromios, and Julian Shirnia who played a brilliant Adriana.

All in all it was a thrilling performance with complex twists and turns that will make you very confused if you don't know the plot but it sort of makes sense in the end!

Marcus Holba and Frank Greenwood, 7E


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