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On Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 February 2014, 33 students from the Sixth Form all started their escape from Stroud, all in the name of charity. Split into 11 teams of 3, we only had £10 each and a passport to get as far away from Stroud as possible. So off we went in varying directions, using our unquestionable charm to work our way across the country. A long the way we met a bounty of lovely people, whilst some of us even went for a free lunch at a Michelin Starred Restaurant! 

Although getting out of England proved difficult, 6 teams managed to do just so with their final destinations including Dieppe, Amsterdam, Rouen, Inverness, Bordeaux and of course our winners Joe, Will and Astie, who made it all the way to the Canary Islands! The other teams did brilliantly also, as two teams reached Newcastle, whilst the others arrived at Manchester, London and Dover. 
The reason we did this was to raise money for a charity that is incredibly close to many peoples’ hearts; Breast Cancer Care. We cannot stress enough how grateful we are to our corporate sponsors, the local press for giving us so much coverage, to BBC Radio Gloucestershire for their near wall to wall reporting and of course to the incredibly generous public, who really did make the event the success that it undoubtedly was.
We are due to reach £10,000 in donations after we have counted all the coppers which is a testament to the generosity of you all; the money will be incredibly appreciated and put to excellent use by the charity. 
If you would still like to donate, please click here.
Luke Warpole, Year 13

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