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The recent Plenty for 20 day was a complete success. Despite being rescheduled to Friday 2 May due to bad weather, over £200 was raised for Sport Relief and many students participated in the fun activities scheduled throughout the day. Students especially enjoyed soaking Mr Byford and head boy Ben Stephens, whilst also enjoying the opportunity to launch tennis balls at their ‘favourite’ teachers!
Also, a huge congratulation to the students and teachers who participated in the ‘cycle to Africa’ event- miraculously, we managed in just one day to accumulate the distance from Stroud to the most northerly point of Africa!
Despite the day ending in an emphatic tug-of-war defeat for the Year 11’s at the hands of the teachers, the day was enjoyed by everybody; not only was it an entertaining and light-hearted fundraising event but it was also the perfect way to bring students and teachers together in the penultimate week of the school year for many students. A massive thank you to the teachers and students that made it possible! 


Rhys Williment, Year 12


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