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The Year 7/8 tennis team made it to the District Finals at Chalford Tennis Club this year. With determination in their hearts and focus in their minds, we were pumped to try and reverse the defeat that our team took two years ago when they played T.K. As the 5 groups started warming up in pairs the tension started to rise as we could see we were up against a skilled opposition. After all pairs had played their first set, Marling were down in 3 matches and only up in two. In the end it was sensationally close; 4 of the 5 pairs were tied at one set each and therefore went to a championship tie break of first to 10. During the tie breaks, the first pair of Will Bowen and Oliver Smalley were engaged in a rally of over 50 shots, in the end they prevailed to win it 10-8. Mr Cook was delighted that we managed show some real fighting spirit and we turned it around to eventually win 4 matches to 1. It was a great fixture and it was really pleasing to win such a tight final.

Will Watts - 8G

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