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During the summer, I went to the UKMT summer school at Oxford University. 40 students were selected from across the country to attend this event from thousands of pupils in Year 10 and 11 who had taken part in the UKMT challenges and Olympiads. It was a week long event held at the new £70 million Mathematical Institute. There were a wide variety of lectures from experts in various fields of mathematics. These occurred throughout the day with regular breaks in between. It was an experience that I will never forget as I learned a wide variety of new mathematics. Some of which varied from what is learnt on the National Curriculum as well as some supplementary learning that was related to work that occurs at school. Furthermore, despite the initial impression a maths summer school may give, I met lots of great people that I have since remained in contact with and hope to continue to do so. The event was well-organised so that it was good fun as well as being very beneficial academically. The event also gave me an initial insight in to what university life is like.

Adam Cox, 11C


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