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The L.I.F.E. (life in future employment), day was organised and coordinated by the Marling Bright Futures Committee. The objective of the day was to gather professionals from a variety of industries, ranging from politics to military employment, to enable students to explore the possibility of future employment options and alternatives. 
The students were given the option of which two sessions they wished to attend, prior to the day, this ensured that the students only attended sessions in the industries that interested them. The event focused more on career paths, rather than just assume that all students wished to go to university. This meant that the day catered to the majority of students as there was most likely to be something for all. When all is considered, the day could be considered very successful, all of the employers contacted by the committee arrived on time and in the right location, and as a committee, we feel that the students have gained a lot of information and advice that will help them in the tough choices facing them, (concerning UCAS applications etc.), in the coming year.
Acknowledgements and thanks:
The Marling Bright Futures Committee would like to thank the following people and organisations for their participation in L.I.F.E. day;
David Drew, Stroud school of art, Jim Fraiser, The Telegraph, The Royal Marines, Wiggin LLP, Ernst and Young, Rolls Royce.
Dan Amor, Year 13



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