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GCSE Geologists have had a busy, fun packed term. Year 11 enjoyed a blustery day at Woodhill Bay near Portishead. Here we were able to study Devonian sedimentary rocks, laid down whist the UK was subject to desert conditions. In the afternoon, students were delighted to walk over 300 million year old fold structures and collect Crinoid fossils from the foreshore. 
13-19 October was Earth Science Week. Year 10 particularly enjoyed conducting some rather gooey experiments. Using melted jelly they were able to simulate different types of lava conditions and the subsequent flow styles. Sc6 still smells like a sweet shop!
On 16 October, those Year 11 students interested in a Geology career visited local engineering firm Geotechnical. We received a very warm welcome from staff who presented an interesting lecture on higher education and job prospects within Earth Sciences. We then enjoyed a tour of their facility including an insightful visit inside their laboratories.
In celebration of Earth Science Week, students have an opportunity to gain some bonus house points and a Geotechnical goody bag. Simply see Miss Butcher with the answer to the following question: What name is given to the geological mountain-building event that created the fold structures discussed above in Woodhill Bay? 


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