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On Saturday 24 October 2014 I had a competition in Scotland at Unit 23 Skatepark, the largest indoor skate park in the UK. It was an under 16 competition with people competing all across the UK. I initially entered for the amateur but the judges watched me ride in practice and didn't allow me to ride in it and entered me for pro. In between the two there was a height competition and I came first in that by going over the height bar. The main competition followed where I was competing against people with sponsorships from major companies such as Cult and Seventies Distribution. In the main competition we rode in groups of 5 for 5 minutes but my group was last and they extended our time because there was 'so much sick stuff going down'. When the final results came I was so surprised to find out I came 2nd. 

I've had one competition in the past which took place at Rush Skatepark I competed against many people with big sponsorships as Total Bmx and Kunstform Bmx shop and against people aged between 9 and 25 and in this one I placed first.

Since I have been supported by Rush Skatepark they have given me opportunities such as doing demos in Gloucester cathedral for Active Gloucester and have done charity demos in Cheltenham in aid for cancer research.

Click here to watch Ross in action.

Ross Domanski, 10C


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