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Wednesday 3 December 2014 was a great opportunity for me and the Y7 group as we were able to learn about Andy Briggs’ life and his books. I enjoyed it a lot as I finally got to meet one our my favourite authors. It was amazing as I found out writers are also involved in writing speech for video games and movies. Also, I found out how writers need to work with a team of people to publish a book. I also learnt how ‘teamwork makes the dream work!’ My favourite part was when we took part in a quiz to test our survival skills if we were in the Congo. At the end, I learnt even more information about Andy Briggs and asked him lots of questions…but the answers lie in the last Tarzan book, so I don’t want to spoil it!! - Pranav Kartikeyan 7E
Today Y7 witnessed a talk given by the bestselling author, Andy Briggs. It was amazing! He had a great sense of humour and we were all laughing in the first five minutes! We were told about his first books about superheroes and downloadable powers. The characters all had different characteristics and personalities and he explained them with such vigour and detail, that it seemed like they were in the room with us! Then we moved on to the Tarzan series., which effectively modernises Tarzan, a character created more than 100 years ago. Wow! It sounded great! More action packed, adventurous and downright more of a daredevil than his ancestor, Tarzan allows you to see into an ancient primevil world of survival, where strength is the key. There is no doubt that Tarzan is one of the best action books today! – Felix Goodenough 7E


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