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The German/Maths trip to GLIC on Monday 2 February, was an opportunity to experience a wonderful cross-curricular session. The students were able to both learn more about Maths but also gain a positive set of German vocabulary relating to the Maths being studied. There was a treasure hunt and a workshop to do, involving German in lots of different Maths puzzles. For example, there were questions in German about polygons which had to be answered in English. This both helped to broaden the students' understanding of the topic areas and to challenge their capabilities. 

As one student said 'The trip to the Global Languages Immersion Centre was a fun and enjoyable trip, in which students learnt Maths and German together. It consisted of several different mathematical puzzles such as building a bridge without supports and making a counterbalance. The activities had a paragraph in German about them as well as the English translation. Students had to go on a 'treasure hunt' to find words and phrases in German which were hidden in the paragraphs. After the exhibit, Mr Gannon (our Deputy Head) gave a speech. He attempted some of this in German and did very well.'

The German/Maths trip was successful, and Marling School were delighted to have been invited to the opening of the exhibition, which helped to cement the Smart Choice - German partnership with the Goethe Institute. 

Tim Lewis and Taylor Niblett 9F


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