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On Saturday 28 February this year, four senior members of the hugely successful Marling debating society took part in the national final of the Cambridge debating competition held at the prestigious Cambridge Union. Nationally around 600 teams entered the competition which was comprised of three rounds. Getting to the final was an achievement in itself, only 44 teams nationally got to this stage meaning all teams there were incredibly competent debaters. The debaters were all hugely successful. Tom Carlisle and Toby Jones’ team ranked 32nd and Jack Aspinall and Sean Kemsley’s team ranked 17th. With the speakers ranking 65th, 55th, 38th and 30th respectively out of the 1200 speakers that entered.


Marling School was one of the few state funded schools at the event, when you realise the best teams come from institutions with dedicated annual debating budgets and teachers, it further emphasises the incredible success of the teams who have learnt exclusively from fellow students. The Marling Debating society is one of the best assets the school has, epitomising the Marling ethos. The students persevere working collaboratively and constructively, never failing to impress on even the largest stage. 


The knowledge and experienced gained from this competition will now be passed down through the year groups to inspire and teach the next generations of Marling debaters such that the success at Cambridge can be continued and surpassed in the future. 
Jack Aspinall, Year 13

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