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Open to all students of physics and/or chemistry.

The sixth exchange with the Lycée Maine de Biran in the south-west of France is now taking shape and demand for places on offer this year is expected to be very high.

The aim of this project is to promote links between young Europeans and it has won a prestigious prize, awarded by the Hippocrene Foundation.  It is an opportunity for students to experience the kind of European dimension to their studies which is rarely offered to those in the sciences.

The exchange is pedagogically unique and students should not let insecurities about their linguistic ability hold them back from applying.  Having been thrown into the deep end of this very high level research project on unfamiliar subject matter, all previous participants have emerged, perhaps spluttering but eventually swimming strongly.  Admissions tutors have been extremely interested in the project at university interviews.

Students from Bergerac will arrive in Stroud at the end of September.  All participating students will visit the Rutherford-Appleton research laboratories in Oxfordshire on the first Monday and here the students will receive lectures on particle physics, visit the site and be introduced to their project on Neutron Diffraction.  NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED! (it will all be new even to A2 physics students but those not taking maths may struggle).  

Exchange families host the French visitors and the project has been found to be excellent at promoting cultural and social interchange in the past!

The return leg to the beautiful Dordogne town of Bergerac is planned for the next week with all students flying from Bristol. The project there will be based on design, engineering and chemistry and is set around the wine making and bottling industry of the region.  English students will return to Bristol on the following Saturday.

There is a folder of photographs from a previous exchange available in an online gallery in ParentZone on MarVLE. 

The cost of the trip will not exceed £300 per student.

If you would like your son  to be included in this project (a reserve list will also be created), please contact Mrs. E. Bean through the school website.



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