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On Saturday 14 February, 14 people and I travelled from Stroud to Tondo dumpsite in Manila, Philippines. We went to help a charity called PCF ( to meet, support, help and socialise with the large population on the dumpsite. They live there to earn a living of £1 for a day of hard labour collecting and sorting recyclable waste by hand. £1 is not a lot especially if you’re next to an extremely wealthy city so they have to live off recycled food, and yes this is stuff from bins.

PCF is a charity that is based in Tondo, they run a school built from shipping containers and their focus is to educate the children from the dumpsite to allow them to get good jobs and get out of the poverty they are stuck in.  When we arrived we met children and families that you would have no idea of the place they lived in. They were all polite, intelligent, kind and all of them somehow spoke English and could actually have a conversation with you without stopping to think of a word. Overall it was definitely a trip worth going on and I made some great friends.

Ezra Price, 9G


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