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On Thursday 11 June 2015, Y9 attended a Forensic Science Day. Forensic Science is the process of what occurs behind a crime of any sort. Forensic scientists work in the police department to unfold a crime which has taken place. We learnt that there are many different parts/stages to investigate a crime, for example chromatography. Each and every stage is essential to findng out the story behind the crime. To demonstrate their job as a Forensic Scientist they re-enacted a real life murder which took place in Australia. Our role was to go through the different stages of the crime to decrypt the murder. 

We thought that it was very interesting to see what a Forensic Scientist does and how they would react to a real life situation. What we also found very interesting was how many different types of Forensic Scientists there actually are and how many different jobs there are to do in crime solving. You have to analyse everything with incredible attention to detail and be able to put together the most accurate story that you can with the short space of time and little resources. All of this together proves that Forensic Scientists are not only extremely clever and their job very difficult, but they are the people whose decisions decipher whether one person or the other goes to jail, therefore there is a mountain of pressure on their shoulders.

Jordan Porter and Conor Townes, 9G


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