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Year 10 celebrated International Sushi Day on Thursday 18 June and joined other schools across the country. They were provided with food materials and equipment and given the task of following the Japanese belief that you eat with your eyes. The challenge involved presenting sushi Nori in an imaginative and innovative way that will appeal to the consumer.

Students were introduced to key terminology;

MAKI A sushi roll 

NETA The raw fresh ingredients in the centre of the roll 

NORI A thin sheet of seaweed. 

SHARI Seasoned sushi rice. 

MAKISU Bamboo sushi mat used to make sushi rolls. 

SHIMOJI Wooden rice paddle 

OKE Large wooden container for the rice  

Congratulations to Dylan Holmes who made sushi Nori with ease and perfection. He has been appointed the groups lead learner for Sushi.

Paula Colley and Janice Searle

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