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On the 2nd and 3rd June a professional artist Adrienne Cradock visited our school to deliver a printing workshop, organised by Ms Reece. Adrienne had brought in a range of her work, to show us the kind of art she produces. It was great to meet and work with Adrienne Cradock, because it allowed us to understand and be inspired by her work before making some of our own. We started by discussing her prints and drawings, and then moved on to producing some of our own. We learned how to use the collograph method of print making which widened our skills and gave us another medium to explore and use in future projects. We developed and refined these pieces into final prints which we are planning to add to a separate printmaking project; this will add to the depth of content in our finished coursework folder. Overall, it was really enjoyable spending a full day with a real artist and it was a very useful and insightful experience.



Jerome Boyd 10C



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