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As part of the career guidance offered to Y12 Chemists post the AS exam period, the department run a chemical engineering project where students are introduced to two concepts that are fundamental to the running of a chemical plant. These are fluid flow and heat transfer. 

The students research the topics and carry out two practical investigations. In order to report their findings they are required to do a presentation. The best presentations are then given to an audience which includes a “real life chemist”. This year we were able to invite Old Marlingtonian Dr James Newby of Glaxo Smith Kline. James left Marling in 2005 to study for a Masters degree in Chemistry at Sheffield University. It was here that he also obtained his PhD before moving on to Cambridge University to do post Doctorate studies. Although involved in pharmaceuticals James’ knowledge of chemical engineering allowed him to ask some challenging questions of the presenters, particularly about the way they used the empirical evidence they collected. All the presentations were of a very high standard and all of the contributors were rewarded with prizes donated by the Institute of Chemical Engineering. Dr Newby decided that the work done by Iwan Hill, Bea Gonzalez and Lucy Heyward was the stand out piece on the day for the way that they were able to use their empirical evidence and apply it to an industrial context. Iwan has suggested that he is researching chemical engineering as a possible career path.

Malcolm Balster


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