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On 13 October 2015 the GCSE Geologists went on a field trip to Woodhill Bay in Portishead. In the morning they looked at 370 million year old Devonian sedimentary rocks. Students were able to deduce that the rocks were formed in an arid floodplain environment, with changeable river channels and in proximity to a mountainous landmass. In the afternoon, students focussed on the structural deformation seen in Carboniferous rocks to the north of the bay.  Here a series of asymmetrical folds could be studied closely and formed evidence of lithospheric compressional forces 280 million years ago.

‘I learnt lots, it was a really fun and educational trip’ Guy Goodhall

‘The Portishead trip was very effective in both cementing and furthering my geological knowledge’ Henry Bugg

‘A good insight into real geology. It furthered my knowledge and was an interesting trip’ Ethan Waring

‘Very engaging and exciting to go on’ Edward Aris

‘I liked taking skills learnt in class into a real environment’ Zak Knight


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