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Seventy students from both Stroud High and Marling took part in an exchange with 3 Spanish schools in Albacete. During the exchange we visited many places and did lots of fascinating things. We visited historical, modern and cultural places such as Valencia, Cuenca and a bull ring. In Valencia we visited the Science museum and went shopping which was great! We did lots of different activities during our time there such as a treasure hunt around the city which allowed us to practise our Spanish because we had to ask lots of questions. On the last day we got to experience lessons in a Spanish school which was really interesting because it is very different to our school. We also learnt a lot about Spanish culture and how they live. We spent a lot of time with our host families and learnt about them too. 

Personally, I really enjoyed the exchange because you can submerge yourself into a totally new culture and visit some amazing places. Another great thing is that you become great friends with your exchange partner and we will be friends for a lifetime. 

I would definitely encourage anyone studying Spanish to go on the exchange because it is a totally different experience which you will remember forever. You will also improve your Spanish because you have to speak a lot and it will improve your listening skills too which are really important for GCSE. 

To sum up the Spanish exchange, I would say it is an amazing, unforgettable experience and you will learn something too. 



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