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On Tuesday 2 February nine members of the Particle Physics Society attended a conference hosted by the Royal Society. At the conference there were 11 other schools and colleges who all presented a unique project in a field of science. There were many important and influential figures in attendance, including Fellows, PHD’s, MBE’s and MP’s. The Hall in which we presented in had been used by famous physicists such as Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Rutherford and Hawking. Neil Carmichael MP visited the conference in his role as Chair of the cross party Education Committee.

The students in attendance gave a presentation on the detection of galactic cosmic rays. Highlights in the presentation included; Special relativistic principles, muon creation in the atmosphere and data collection for the international collective (HiSPARC). Overall the day was a success, the Royal Society were very impressed with our progress and the group celebrated with dinner at Nando’s in Kensington High Street.


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