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On Tuesday 17 May the Year 9’s of Marling School travelled into Stroud for an important geography mission, to ask the people shopping in Stroud their enquiry questions. These enquiry questions were chosen individually by each group of Year 9 boys. Our questions had to be connected to globalisation and development as that is what we have been studying in geography.  Our enquiries varied from ‘How often do you buy fair trade items, and if it’s not often why?’ to ‘What affects the amount of customers in food shops in Stroud?’


We went on a lovely morning stroll into Stroud to conduct our enquiries, and on arriving we  dispersed into our individual groups. Some went straight away to counting pedestrians, and some went surveying and some did both. Some people thought the best way to get results was to go in the shops and try out the food...


Sam Svensson 9G

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