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It was never in any doubt! The KS3 production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was a triumph.

Facing a very difficult script, each member of the cast played their role to the full, entering into the world of Roman intrigue and politics and giving solid meaning to the text in the way they presented it. Some of the speeches are very long but cast members were able to hold the audiences attention and all the hard work they had put into learning their lines paid off. 

It would be unfair to pick out any one character/actor as standing out above the rest, but the main characters were very believable and gave impressive performances. Johnny English was clear in his speech as Julius Caesar and his downfall was well plotted by Tom Dando as Brutus, the tragic hero of the play. Jonathan Baccari played the scheming Cassius and Mark Dobson delivered a fine speech as Marc Anthony where he had “friends, Romans, countrymen” riveted. Seb Newton took on the difficult role of Calpurnia Caesars wife in true Shakespearian manner; the male playing the female role. 

The supporting cast performed well speaking clearly and engaging the audience and it was good to see Y7 students involved in such a demanding piece. Based upon the small part he had, maybe Frank Bunting will be a star of the future.

All in all a very positive audience experience which built upon the KS3 production of “The Comedy of Errors” last year. Congratulations once again to director Jeff Gillett and he made sure that all the costume makers were rightly thanked. We all look forward to the next production.     

Mr Balster


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