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Iceland 2016 – Hope Clutterbuck

Iceland was amazing. Upon arrival you could feel the raw untamed beauty of the island. The landscape stood out, unlike any other place. The glaciers, the barren ash landscapes; it is completely unforgettable

A major part of the trip were waterfalls. There were hundreds, each with a different backdrop. Basaltic columns, volcanic rocks, even a path The glacier was amazing too. The ice crunching beneath your feet was bliss!

Iceland 2016 – Will Bowen

On the first day, we woke, excited about what was to come. We visited the biggest geothermal power plant in Iceland, where we learnt how the power was used and the earthquakes that Iceland had suffered. 

WE visited several waterfalls, which were great opportunities to take amazing photos. We hiked over a melting glacier which retreats 50m every year! We had to make sure we were safe on the ice, so we wore harnesses, helmets, crampons and carried ice axes

We also visited some hot geysers, which can erupt every four minutes. The coach we travelled on was awesome too, with huge wheels for off-roading!

On the last day we visited the information centre about the Eyjafjallajokull, this began to erupt on 14 April 2010,. All in all it was a great trip!


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