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After eighteen months of careful preparation (including the design and manufacture of unique parts) and kind donations from local industry and The Royal Society, we are very proud to announce that the Marling School cosmic ray detector is now in place and functioning. In the coming weeks members of the Particle Physics Society will commission the detector and join it to the international HiSPARC database. Their task is to ensure that data collected by the detector is reliable and that the detector is operating at its optimum sensitivity. Students assembling the detector have worked with Professor Cristina Lazzeroni and other physicists from the University of Birmingham, she was very impressed with the quality of their work which resulted in the detector functioning perfectly on the very first start up. This does not normally happen! The students that have built the detector have been invited to take part in a conference at the University to share their experience of constructing and commissioning the detector with other schools and physicists. The school was awarded a Royal Society Partnership Grant to support this project, this grant will enable members of Year 10 to make use of the detector to undertake real scientific research. Students involved in this research will visit the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in June where they will have a tour of the particle accelerator and take part in a cloud chamber workshop. 

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