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On 2 and 3 July Ross Domanski competed as an amateur BMX rider in the Mongoose Jam UK at Rush Skatepark. This is usually held in the USA but was also held in the UK this year. Ross finished 2nd in all three competitions which were in Street, Bowl and Park. The top 6 riders then went through to join each of the professional teams who competed for a share of the $15,000 prize money on day 2. Ross joined Kevin Peraza's (Pro BMX rider) team. On day two their team finished in 1st place and Ross finished 6th out of all 30 riders and won best trick. He had an amazing experience riding with some of the world’s best riders.

On 9 July Ross was one of 86 riders picked to compete in the amateur world BMX Championships held at NASS. Ross had 45 seconds to complete a run on huge ramps on a very large course. He had a brilliant run with no wobbles and finished in 3rd place in the qualifiers. The top 10 riders then competed again where their best of two runs counted. He finished in second place in the final.

Ross then qualified to also compete in the world professional BMX competition on Sunday 10 July. Despite falling off twice, and very tired at this stage, he still managed to finish in 29th place out of 59 riders. Well done Ross!


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