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On 25 and 26 May 2016 the Art department held their annual printmaking workshops for all of the Y10 GCSE Art and Design students. This year it was delivered by artist and printmaker Adrienne Cradock and again proved to be a successful event and experience as described below by student Matthew Doliczny.  

In May the Marling Art Department arranged a full day of printmaking for us, with professional artist Adrienne Craddock. This involved designing and then creating collograph prints which were printed on our press. First, she showed us some of her own work which gave us all inspiration for what could be achieved. We were taught how she had made them and the range of techniques and processes used. The main techniques were layering up textured materials and using thick or thin layers of glue to create different effects. 

At the start of the day I was not entirely sure of which direction I wanted to take my project.  I was undecided on the shapes I wanted to use and also the textures. After a while of indecision, Adrienne introduced me to a large graphite pencil which I found allowed me to create perfect shapes with considerable ease. She was very helpful and able to help me work with my own ideas.

Once my collograph plate was completed, I could move on to the process of printing. This involved building up layers of printing ink to define specific parts of the collograph plate.  I decided to use darker colours as this worked well with my chosen image of a dragon. This part of the process was particularly enjoyable because we used the large roller printing press.

I was really happy with my finished prints, and hope to be able to make more to take home and frame. I am really grateful to MS Reece for arranging this day. This work will become part of my GCSE coursework and the skills that I learnt during the workshop can be used in further GCSE art projects. But above all thanks to Adrienne as an engaging and highly enjoyable day was had by all.



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