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Marling Year 9 Physicists win at the University of Birmingham. Fifteen teams of students from a variety of schools took part in a day long competition at the Physics Department. They were tasked to take part in a practical investigation and to use their evidence to create a presentation of their findings. Marling teams were placed first and second.

It has been a busy time for students involved with the Cosmic Ray Detector. Year 12 members of the particle physics society presented their work in constructing and installing the cosmic ray detector at the annual HiSPARC conference at the University of Bristol. The society website recording the work of the students is now live -  

Year 10 students attended a launch event at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for their Royal Society sponsored investigation in to locating the source of high energy cosmic rays. This requires the use of complex mathematics and spreadsheets, fortunately the students involved have received training from Physicists from the University of Birmingham. Students in this group are also exploring using a raspberry pi and camera to create a mini portable cosmic ray detector, the main detector in school can be used for calibration of the small devices.  

The link below is to a leaflet advertising an “Artful Physics competition”. The competition is sponsored by the Universities of Birmingham and Exeter and the prizes include a “money can’t buy” tour of the Rutherford Appleton laboratory. There are three age categories: 9 to 13, 14 to 16 and 17 to 18.


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