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Year 13 Product Design students went to meet Duku product designer and director, Andrew Aylesbury, in their Cheltenham office this term. They were able to have a look at a range of products that have been put to market, as well as working prototypes and models, and to discuss the design process at length. Students asked lots of questions; from how to develop a client brief, to materials, manufacturing processes and costs and the patent process. They found the visit very useful to gain more of an understanding about the limitations and challenges involved with the design process in a commercial setting. A handful of the group who are considering design-related university courses were able to discuss career paths. Sam Lingard, who is applying to study marketing, was able to discuss the most effective methods for carrying out target market analysis and the limitations on a design that target market feedback can sometimes cause. The visit helped students put their own project briefs into context as they begin design work next term. To find out more about Duku, please visit


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