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A group of Psychology Y12 students visited Exeter University recently to participate in a ‘Research Skills Workshop’ gaining a valuable insight into actual research projects being conducted in the Psychology department.

Students listened to talks given by postgraduate students, the first by Amy Southgate who described her study investigating the use of computerised “brain training” to reduce overeating in teenagers. Then Merve Yilmaz spoke about her PhD project looking at the factors that help or hinder adolescents experiencing happiness in their everyday lives.

It was a refreshing change from reading about studies in the textbook (that at times get a bit dry!) to meet with researchers and hear about how they had studied Psychology as an undergraduate and moved on to become actual researchers. The afternoon was particularly interesting talking about the practicalities and ethics of socially sensitive research – especially relevant for these projects dealing with overeating and depression in teenagers.

A Stroud High School Sixth Form Y12 student Lucy Pritchard is now working as a research assistant on Amy’s study using computer games to influence our food choices. If you would like to take part in this experiment (you will need to be aged between 11 and 18 years) please contact Miss Leggett who will pass your details on to Lucy.


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