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Friday 24 March was Red Nose Day and Dan Elson and I had organised a new scheme to raise as much money as possible from the students. The plan was to get students to come up with forfeits for the Heads of Years (Mr Wilson, Mr Cook, Mr Elson, Mr Bailey and Mr Davis) to compete at Friday lunch time. However these forfeits would only happen so long as the students managed to raise £700. The students placed their forfeits in boxes around the school for 3 days and on Thursday the forfeits were chosen. Friday morning came and donations where collected during registration “Throughout the morning envelopes where coming in from tutors and within 7 envelopes we had nearly £200 we still had to collect another 25” “by the time lunch came we had hit £700 and still hadn’t collected all of the money” the show started at 1:15 on the cricket field where students had gathered waiting for the staff to arrive. One by one the House Leaders started to arrive, once everyone was in attendance the forfeits started. First up was a pie to the face! The staff had to explain why their house was the best for a whole minute without hesitation, if they hesitate they would get a pie to the face. The students were laughing and chanting along with their house members supporting their member of staff. Once all the whipped cream ran out we moved onto the ice bucket! The students had to decide which of the year leaders would get the freezing bucket of water filled with ice. We quickly found that Mr Wilson had already prepared the students with a chant to call Mr Davis to the chair. Covered in cream the staff ended the show by running from Mr Davis in his attempts to give them a huge wet hug. Overall the day was a great success the students, staff involved and the staff watching had a blast.

By Joshua Holme - Marketing Apprentice

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