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At the start of May, we took 30 Year 10 Marling Geography students to beautiful Iceland. The weather report was far from promising before we left but it is with good spirit that we flew to Reykjavik.

The sun was there to welcome us to the small, friendly capital city and after a quick tour we departed for the Southern coast. For any geographers or nature lovers, this country is a paradise, wherever you look, you can see the force of nature and its beauty: from stunning waterfalls to lava fields, it is a real change of scenery which cannot leave anyone indifferent. Obviously, the volcanoes and glaciers were the highlights of our trip. It is a land of contrast, but also very fragile; our guide Petrús told us that within 40 years the glacier we visited will have completely receded and disappeared. It was a real eye opener for our Y10 who thoroughly enjoyed the trip and came back home brimming with beautiful memories.
Lisa Johansson

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