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The Year 11 football team played the final game of their school career this term, becoming the Gloucestershire Country Champions. The team have been dominant in the local district competition over the years and ended this season with a fine unbeaten display of skillful, attacking football.

Starting this season in the cold, wet months of February they won four of the district matches and drew just one against the team which became their opponents in the Stroud district final - KLB.

Heading into the district final with nothing to hold over their opponents the game on paper looked like a tough battle, but the team saved one of their best performances for this occasion. A strong all-round display in team work with the added bonus of playing on an artificial surface, suited their style of play leading to a convincing score line of 12-1. The goals were evenly spread amongst a number of plays, with solid performances from the team to allow Captain Jamie Bremner to raise the district trophy again.

As district champions the team had another match to play – away in the Forest of Dean to Dene Magna. The surface not to their liking and with a few key players down due to exam preparation for their GCSE’s, a hard fought battle was won but only in extra time. The 2-1 score was more a case of missed opportunities and passes going astray than a tough match to become the North Gloucestershire champions. This meant a final game to the South Gloucestershire champions and a trip down to Bristol. The Pavilion Sports ground, on the Old Fry’s site set the scene. The opposition – City Academy School, looked challenging with a lot of talk about the skill levels of the opponents and their physicality. The team saved their best performance for last. The game was tactical and fast with both teams proving skillful on the ball and good interplay. But team effort over individuality won the day. Solid defensive work across the park kept the opposition to minimal shots and broke down their procession quickly. The skill came in our finishing, taking the chances when presented, leading to a winning 3-1 score. Champions for the second time in their school career...well done boys!

Andy Simms


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