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On the 24th June 2017, Marling Debating Society made the trip to debate against teams from all over the country at Eton College in Berkshire. With debates on legalising prostitution, implementing a legal obligation for politicians to fulfil election promises and introducing an ethnic quota on teaching staff, Joe McGill and Callum Nimmo (Y12) came first place three consecutive times to break into the final on 9 points.

A hard fought grand final ensued on the topic of stopping war medals from being given to soldiers, with Marling in closing government. After much deliberation and two abstaining from voting, a split panel of judges gave the debate to the well deserved team in closing opposition. 

Overall, it was a day of high quality debate and provides a landmark first time Marling has broken into the final at a tournament. Looking to the future, with the EYP national finals in September, this provides hope that the winning streak will continue!

Callum Nimmo


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