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The Chemistry Department would like to report on another successful Chemical Engineering Project. Post exam period our Year 12 students are introduced to two concepts that are fundamental to the running of a chemical plant. These are fluid flow and heat transfer. The students research the topics and carry out two practical investigations. In order to report their findings they are required to write a report or do a presentation. Our final presentation and prize giving day this year was Tuesday 11 July and we invited guest speaker Ben Salisbury from Horizon Nuclear Power to join us. Ben has been working as a Chemical Engineer in the nuclear industry for many years and was able to provide valuable insight into the career paths and expected working environment.

All the presentations were of a very high standard and all of the contributors were rewarded with prizes donated by Horizon Nuclear Power. However as always there has to be a winning team and this year it was Hugo Neely, Annabelle Seymour and Lydia Roe because they were able to use their empirical evidence and apply it to an industrial context whilst being pitched at the correct level for the audience.

Thank you to all the presenters including Leanne Sinclair and Emma Dolphin, individuals who both presented on their own and the group Joe Hall, Georgia Young and Jennifer Barr.

Dr Harris


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