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A few highlights on the way to the U12 county cup cricket final for Marling’s team was a strong win against Cotswold school and a hard fought win against Pates in the semi-final.  In the final V Kingshill School Marling lost the toss and where put into bat. Marling set about the batting task in a confident manner with French and Mead quickly hit 30 in the first 5 overs. Mead was bowled in the 9th over which saw Fisher take the field. Over the next 9 over French was supported to high match his score of 66 by Lomax 12, Powis 23. By the time French was caught marling had a strong batting score. The last 2 over where seen out by Clack and Vaughn to a score of 147 for 5.

Even though Marling scored well with the bat they took the field with a determination to keep the opponents run rate down and pressure them in the field, However, Kingshill batted well and where in the lead in the 7th over when marling first breakthrough came as the opening batsman was bowled by French. It wasn’t until French took another 2 wickets in the 9th over that Marling started to pull away. French took another wicket in the 13th at it was at this point Marling started to take control of the game. Mead took 3 wickets in the 18th and Hall took a further 2 wickets in the 19th to leave the last two Kingshill to bat out the last overs of the match.

French lifted the County cup and although French was man of the match with Mead as a strong second they could not have done this without the support of the other players. Additionally from the players mentioned above the team also consisted of Ainsworth, Laddle, harwanko, James, Jones Imran

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