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It was great to see the Year 11 boys back today and join them to celebrate their success. They are the first year group to complete the reformed English and Mathematics GCSEs which has created uncertainty for them and the staff. However, everyone has demonstrated real grit and determination and put in lots of hard work, and it has certainly paid off.

It is quite difficult to make comparisons this year as the grades for English and Mathematics are different from previous years and from all the other GCSEs. However, our analysis shows that these represent some of the best results any Year 11 group has achieved and I am immensely proud of the boys and the staff.

51% of all grades are at the very highest A* or A grade (9-7 in English and Mathematics) which is our second highest of all time and the highest since 2012. 96% of all grades are at A*-C grade (4 and above in English and Mathematics) which is also the highest since 2012.

In the reformed English and Mathematics GCSEs, 27% of exams were at the highest grade 8 and 9 with 10% at the very top grade 9; 3 boys achieved grade 9s in all their English and Mathematics exams. 25% of all the other GCSEs were at the very highest A* grade which is a school record.

There are many stories of individual success with 56% of boys achieving 5 or more of the highest grades (A*-A, 9-7), 32% achieving 8 or more and 10% of boys achieving 11 or more.

On behalf of everyone at the School, I would like to congratulate the boys and I look forward to starting their A level journey with them in September.

Dr Stuart Wilson


The table below shows the outcomes across the reformed and unreformed GCSEs with comparisons and combined data shown when valid:

Reformed GCSEs English & Mathematics Unreformed GCSEs Combined
10% Grade 9 N/A N/A
27% Grade 9-8 N/A N/A
N/A 25% A* N/A
51% Grade 9-7 51% A*-A 51% A*-A/9-7
95% Grade 9-5 (Strong Pass) N/A N/A
99.5% Grade 9-4 (Standard Pass) 94% A*-C 96% A*-C/9-4

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