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On Wednesday 29 November, the Year 9 Latin group went on a trip to Caerleon, a town in Wales with a lot of Roman history tied to it. 

During the day, we saw the Roman Baths, where the soldiers would relax after a hard day's work. We learned a lot there taking part in different activities, including; a short film on what a Roman would do at the baths, as well as games that tested our knowledge and speed. We got to see Roman helmet replicas and a bust of Julius Caesar. Whilst we were in Caerleon we also visited the Roman Amphitheatre, which was one of the best preserved in Britain. There we were able to see both the perspectives of the crowd and a gladiator, fighting in the centre. 

After visiting these places, we went to the Barracks, where we could see the layout of the building, including the toilet drainage system. Yuck! We were able to stand where a real Roman soldier would have stood. This helped us appreciate the day to day difficulties the Romans would have, including the weather!

We finished this amazing trip off with an awesome workshop in which we saw a mock-up of a barrack and got to try on a soldier's armour and discuss weaponry. 

This was an amazing trip and a great opportunity. We had a great time and gained a deeper understanding of the invasion of Britain, and we would both love to go again. Thank you Mrs Bedford!

Harry Wood and William Shann 9G

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