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After a year of the Dolce Vita, I recently returned from a year abroad in Italy inspired to consider my roots. Reflecting upon what led to my decision to explore the heart of the Mediterranean, I realised that my time at Marling provided me with the necessary skills to satisfy my itchy feet. This was largely due to the excellent quality of the Modern Foreign Languages department which supported me from Year 7 right the way to securing the top grade in Year 13, including the unique exchange opportunities which left me thirsty for more first-hand cultural experiences. This opened up the opportunity to study Italian at Marling Sixth Form before I continued to take a degree-level French language course at University.

Following this, I moved abroad to study and work as a teacher, taking the boat from my Palace on the Grand Canal, passing the placard denoting Lord Byron’s house and finally arriving at The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Although my adventure did not stop here, as I travelled across Italy, from the elegant north to the irresistible south.

When I look back, I firmly believe that Marling was a springboard to this success, increasing my self-confidence, independence and feeling of being a citizen of the world. If you are thinking of studying languages, or even joining Marling in general, I would advise you to bear in mind this experience, made possible by my student experience at Marling which taught me that the world really is on your doorstep.


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