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Members of the school’s newly formed Eco-Committee have been delivering assemblies to other students on the merits of recycling; including reducing the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill, saving the school money on waste disposal and cutting down on litter.

Alice Bailey, teacher of Geography who has been leading the school’s recycling drive, said: “I wanted to highlight recycling as part of the Global Citizenship aspect of the Geography curriculum.

“The students who put themselves forward for the Eco-Committee are really keen to spread the message about recycling and have come up with lots of great ideas.”

New recycling bins are in operation around the school site and students have been shown in assemblies what can, and cannot be recycled.  Green Ambassadors have also been appointed to help educate the rest of the school about using the recycling facilities properly.

Dr Stuart Wilson, Headteacher of Marling School, said: “I would like to congratulate the Eco-Committee for taking their duties so seriously and educating fellow students about the importance of reducing our impact on the planet.

“School staff are already recycling waste paper and using recyclable hot drinks cups and we are looking at other ways we can help to cut waste.”

The Eco-Committee members will also be carrying out an Environmental Review and drawing up an Action Plan for students and staff to follow.


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