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The internet can be a scary place with its almost unlimited capability and unending depth. Did you know that children now gain access to the internet from as young as 4 years old and the average age that a child receives a smart phone is 11?

Gloucestershire police and the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board have teamed up to provide local schools with resources to help students to keep themselves safe online.

Year 9 students were entertained and educated in equal measures in February when they watched a performance of “Is It Worth It?” which covers the difficult issues of E-safety, sexting and sextortion. 

The interactive performance gave out important messages around E-safety, the dangers of sexting, the effects on mental health and wellbeing and also encouraged students to think carefully about the consequences of what they post on-line.

Not only this bus students from all year groups have attended assemblies recently to learn about the dangers of sextortion and what to do if they, or someone they know, become a victim. 

As well as assemblies and plays a group of Year 7 students received a fun lesson in cyber security yesterday from Professor Richard Benham, as part of a Cyber4Schools® pilot project.  The pilot’s focus is on 11-year-olds; the typical age when young people are given smartphones for the first time and have unsupervised access to the Internet.

Henry said: “I think it was great and I loved learning about robots and how to deal with cyber bullying”.

Luca said: “I liked learning about how people are using technology to do things and learning what to do in different situations.”

Charley said: “It was really interactive and I liked learning about robots.”

They enjoyed a range of interactive activities, quizzes and a discussion about how to use mobile devices safely, with some fun facts and videos about staying safe online. They all received personalised certificates at the end of the lesson. 


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