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Our Physics students have been busy with extracurricular activities thanks to Mr Berry. 

A Group of our Year 13 students had the opportunity to visit the DESY in Hamburg last month to look at the particle accelerators and receive a master class in particle physics at the University of Birmingham. 

Later on this month 39 Year 12 students will be attending the CERN conference in Switzerland to view the Hadron Collider (the world’s largest particle accelerator). Whilst in attendance of this event the students will be viewing experiments to recreate conditions that existed at the time of the Big Bang.

At the end of the month Year 13 students will be taken to the Ruthford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot where they will receive a tour and have the chance to take a look at the neutron beam which is being used to carry out cutting-edge experiments to create diagnostic tools for medicine.

As well as external visits, the school has installed a cosmic ray detector on the roof of one of its buildings, with the help of the University of Birmingham.  They have designed a computer programme to analyse the cosmic data and are now creating their own mini-version of the detector.  The students (from Years 9, 11 and 12) will present their findings at a conference at the University of Bristol in July.

“For any student with an interest in Physics, Marling School and Sixth Form have a wide-ranging programme of experiences that really expands their knowledge and they get a genuine taste of the many possibilities of a future career in Science.”  Steve Berry

Joshua Holme


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