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Marling School students were treated to a thrilling and informative performance of Macbeth at a workshop delivered by the Young Shakespeare Company yesterday (22nd).

The Year 8 students watched a presentation of a fully-staged hour long adaptation of ‘the play’ and were encouraged to question the actors about their interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Jessica Ashley, Head of Drama, said: “We invite the company in every year to help bring Shakespeare off the page and into life in a very entertaining and memorable way.

“It’s very different watching it being performed and, with the help of the actors, the students can explore the play’s powerful themes and characterisations in much greater depth which will help them immensely with their GCSE studies.”

Students wrote: “The interaction of the actors helped me to understand the characters’ feelings and the soliloquies make much more sense now.”

“It was a spectacular experience and I was flabbergasted when they chose me to play a murderer. I was left spellbound at the end of the performance.”

“I found it interesting to see some of the behind-the-scenes work and the special effects enhanced the audience’s experience.”


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