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The Make it with Mince competition final was a great experience and really boosted my confidence. When I got there everything was very relaxed, and James Martin and the other chefs were really nice and supportive.  I enjoyed cooking my dish - it wasn’t as hard or nerve-wracking as I thought it would be.  I am very grateful to Martin Christopher for coming in to school and showing me new techniques and perfecting my dish. He made me feel very in control of what I was doing, so there weren’t many problems cooking.

Although I didn’t win the regional final I am very happy to have got that far, and I also received a cookbook and chef’s whites signed from James Martin, which was a bonus. I was pleased to be supporting the Red Tractor Assurance scheme, because I enjoy cooking but also eating, so I am happy to have cooked a meal where the mince is produced from local British farmers.

Overall it was a really great experience and I had a great time. Thanks very much to Mrs Colley for organising everything- I couldn’t have done it without her. 

Fergal O’Kane, 9F


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